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As your superior source for lighting supply, Vineyard Lighting works to design, build, and ship your lighting package needs. Vineyard Lighting’s leadership team comprises over 35 years of experience successfully coordinating lighting in all industries.

You will find working with Vineyard is a seamless process- from quotes, design, and shipment- leave the details to us. From designed lighting plans to no plans, Vineyard can provide all of your lighting needs at a value-added price. Based in a national leading distribution hub, the city of Atlanta, we can streamline shipments to any desired location in the United States. Vineyard Lighting has an extensive catalog of lighting packages available for you to outfit your home, residential and commercial developments. If a custom design is what you desire to fit the signature style of your project, we have the resources bring it to fruition.

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Our Services

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Here at Vineyard Lighting, we will make every effort to ensure your lighting experience is untroublesome and smooth. From the job quote, to placing orders, to the last shipment, we want to make this process very simple. Here are some the services and resources that our team provides:

  1. We will provide quotations and Bill of Materials.
  2. Our team of professionals can help you with the design and budgeting.
  3. Our Designer can work directly with your Architect, EC, Interior Design Team, and Contractor.

As the lighting industry continues to change, Vineyard Lighting will follow the market and technology studies to improve all of our products. As we become one of the leading companies in the lighting industry, our executive team will continue to follow the construction market and conduct research to separate ourselves from others. At Vineyard Lighting we strive to exceed your expectations in a lighting supplier, and we look forward to a business venture together.

Designer Packages

Not only do we supply your fixture needs, but we can offer full design work as well.

Why not stop over to our Look Book and get some Idea for you next project. Like what you see? Feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you about working with us.

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